Is your TG the tweens, the teens and the youth? Well, here's your channel for the perfect branding activity with a high degree of engagement & brand recall.

Weather you are a corporate house or an digital marketing house. We have the the perfect channel and an access to this TG directly. We interact with them at their schools, colleges or apartments. We engage them and create a platform for you to have an non-intrusive brand recall and engagement model with your TG..

We are very active on the social media circles too.

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We are always looking for education specialists (teachers/academicians/authors/publishers) who are willing to partner with us.

We provide the perfect platform to deliver your content on mobility devices through our copyrighted MCDF™ - Mobility Content Delivery Framework. The framework bridges the gap between the Content Creator (YOU) and the Content Receiver (USER).

You have the option of reaching users beyond geographical boundaries. You own your IP rights for your content, you get to reach and engage users/students beyond geographical boundaries and also earn!

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The "Application" shall mean the software provided by MobiTatva to offer services related to MobiTatva, MobiTatva's services and its partners' services, to be used on Android OS devices and any upgrades from time to time and any other software or documentation which enables the use of the Application.


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  2. MobiTatva hereby grants you a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free revocable licence to use the Application for your personal use in accordance with these app terms.


  1. You will not, nor allow third parties on your behalf to
    • make and distribute copies of the Application
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    • create derivative works of the Application of any kind whatsoever.
  2. The Application is currently made available to you free of charge for your personal, non-commercial use. MobiTatva reserves the right to amend or withdraw the Application, or charge for the application or service provided to you in accordance with these appterms, at any time and for any reason
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  3. MobiTatva will not be responsible for any support or maintenance for the Application.


  1. In order to use the Application, you are required to have a compatible mobile telephone or handheld device, internet access, and the necessary minimum specifications ('Software Requirements').
  2. The Software Requirements are as follows: Android OS devices running Android OS 2.2 and above; Language: English.
  3. The version of the Application software may be upgraded from time to time to add support for new functions and services.


  1. MobiTatva may terminate use of the Application at any time by giving notice of termination to you.
  2. Upon any termination,
    • the rights and licenses granted to you herein shall terminate
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MobiTatva is committed to protecting your privacy and safety rights while using the Application. MobiTatva enforces strict privacy policies and requires the Publishers to protect your rights and maintain the following privacy practices:


The Application does not collect or transmit personally identifiable information and does not monitor your personal use of the Application.

The Application sends unidentifiable and non-personal statistical data to enable quality assurance and improve support processes. Such non-personal data includes unidentifiable usage of the Application (for example; information about your device, your carrier and/or mobile software application platform statistical usage data, and device specific technical events such as software crashes or errors).


The Publisher or you may choose to add features or content to the Application. In the event that such features or content may require the collection of your personally identifiable information (for example: your login credentials tracking Your location, information about content you use on the web, etc.) the Publisher or the third parties providing the content must present to you a clear disclosure of the information that will be collected and you should have the opportunity to decide whether or (...contd)

not to share such information or alternatively not use or remove the content before the information is collected. MobiTatva encourages you to read the terms of service and privacy policies offered by the Publisher and the third parties prior to using any of their content or features.

MobiTatva further requires the Publisher and Third Parties that may provide You with content to protect your online privacy rights. Please note that MobiTatva does not collect any personal information from you other than as described in this policy unless MobiTatva specifically asks and You expressly grant MobiTatva permission

You may choose to add additional content and features to the Application as part of your ongoing usage. MobiTatva encourages you to read the terms of service and the privacy policy of any such content before you choose to add it to the Application.


Mobile app users can easily uninstall the mobile app at any time by using the standard uninstall processes as may be available as part of your mobile device or via the mobile application marketplace or network


You have full control over the Application and can modify your preferences at any time. You can easily deactivate or close the application at any time.


If you have a reason to believe that your rights have been infringed upon while using the Application, please contact MobiTatva via email at . Once your e-mail is received, MobiTatva will review it to ensure that the privacy practices provided herein are enforced.

Effective Friday, August 24, 2012



If you have a android phone with version 2.2 and above, then follow these simple steps !!

  • Go to Google Play or the android App Store of your phone like Samsung App Store and search CramBuddy.
  • Click on the Install button...and within few seconds it's done!!

Wasn't that SIMPLE??

Then what are you waiting for...Download 'Now'.

P.S. Don't forget to key in your Email Id, School Name, Class and other details in the 'ME' section.


Don't get disheartened if you don't have an Android phone...Just follow these steps :

  • Download and install BlueStacks - Available on
  • The installation procedure is detailed out in the attached document. Download the Document
  • After installing BlueStacks, search for CramBuddy in the App Store and install it.

P.S. Due to the resolution difference between the mobile screen and the desktop, the appearance on the desktop would be slightly skewed. We recommend the app to be run on the mobile/tab itself.



The content provided, views and opinions expressed in the media, articles or comments on this mobile app are those of the users or authors and do not necessarily reflect or represent the views and opinions held by MobiTatva.

The staff of MobiTatva oversee and administer the application pursuant to their content policy. However,due to the social nature of this site, MobiTatva cannot be held accountable for the content in this online community.

MobiTatva does not warrant the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information contained in this application. If you have a complaint about something you have found in this application, please Contact Us.


Due to the social nature of this application, it may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We believe this constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in the Copyright Law. The material in this site is distributed without profit, to those who have expressed a prior interest in participating in a community of individuals interested in our methodologies, for comment and nonprofit educational purposes. If you, as a member of the community, wish to use copyrighted material for/from this application for purposes of your own that go beyond 'fair use', you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.


MobiTatva reserves the right to edit or remove any content/comments posted to this application.Inappropriate content including but not limited to pornographic material, foul language or bad behavior, as well as product or service promotions, will be expressly forbidden and removed without prior notice and users may be banned.


The following are guidelines for good manners in social network communication and behaviour. Here are our recommendations:

  1. One-to-One Communication
  2. We define one-to-one communications as those in which a person is communicating with another person as if face-to-face: a dialog. In general, rules of common courtesy for interaction with people should be in force for any situation and on the Internet it's doubly important where, for example, body language and tone of voice must be inferred.

    • Respect the copyright on material that you reproduce. Almost every country has copyright laws.
    • If you are forwarding or re-posting a message you've received, do not change the wording. If the message was a personal message to you and you are re-posting to a group, you should ask permission first. You may shorten the message and quote only relevant parts, but be sure you give proper attribution.
    • A good rule of thumb: Be conservative in what you send and liberal in what you receive. You should not send heated messages (we call these "flames") even if you are provoked. On the other hand, you shouldn't be surprised if you get flamed and it's prudent not to respond to flames.
    • Wait overnight to send emotional responses to messages.
    • Be brief without being overly terse. When replying to a message, include enough original material to be understood but no more. It is extremely bad form to simply reply to a message by including all the previous message: edit out all the irrelevant material.
    • Don't send large amounts of unsolicited information to other members.
  3. One-to-Many Communication (comments on articles, discussions, learning content, quiz content)
  4. Any time you engage in One-to-Many communications, all the rules for mail should also apply. After all,communicating with many people via one mail message or post is quite analogous to communicating with one person with the exception of possibly offending a great many more people than in one-to-one communication. Therefore, it's quite important to know as much as you can about the audience of your message.

    • Consider that a large audience will see your posts. Take care in what you write. Remember too, that mailing lists and discussion boards are frequently archived, and that your words may be stored for a very long time in a place to which many people have access.
    • Messages and articles should be brief and to the point. Don't wander off-topic, don't ramble and don't send mail or post messages solely to point out other people's errors in typing or spelling.
    • If you are sending a reply to a message or a posting be sure you summarize the original at the top of the message, or include just enough text of the original to give a context. This will make sure readers understand when they start to read your response.
    • If you should find yourself in a disagreement with one person, make your responses to each other via mail rather than continue to send messages to the list or the group. If you are debating a point on which the group might have some interest, you may summarize for them later.
    • Don't get involved in flame wars. Neither post nor respond to incendiary material.
    • Avoid sending messages or posting articles which are no more than gratuitous replies to replies
    • Read all of a discussion in progress (we call this a thread) before posting replies. Avoid posting "Me Too" messages, where content is limited to agreement with previous posts. Content of a follow-up post should exceed quoted content.


The purpose of this community is to provide a space for information exchange, discussion and debate.We have created the following set of Community Rules and Guidelines to foster an environment of shared values, mutual respect and trust.

These community rules are to be considered in line with the Community Etiquette, which outlines generally agreed terms of communication conduct, and our Fair Use Disclaimer and Terms And Conditions: the legal information.

These apply to user contributions to the learning/quizzing content, discussion forum, articles and documents uploaded/submitted to MobiTatva and comments added to existing articles published within the application. We reserve the right to remove any postings which do not adhere to these guidelines, or take further action if required (see below)You may choose to add additional content and features to the Application as part of your ongoing usage. MobiTatva encourages you to read the terms of service and the privacy policy of any such content before you choose to add it to the Application.

You are responsible for any content you submit/post. Where it relates to an existing discussion topic or article, ensure that it is relevant and will prove useful to other members taking part.

Keep the content of discussions on the topic of the community and related issues.

You are also responsible for copyright infringement in your messages. Please do not post copyrighted material in your submissions/messages unless you yourself hold the copyright or have received permission from the author.

Please be polite and respectful towards other members of the community, and remember that others may not always share your point of view. Disruptive, offensive or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. This is a sensitive area and we reserve the right to take action if requested by a community member: remember: your debating style may seem 'excitable' to you but intimidating to others. Any such postings will be removed.

Please consider other users at all times when using the interactive spaces in this community. Behavior that deters other members from engaging with the community is considered offensive. Allow other members to contribute and do not dominate any discussions. If members make complaints about members showing this behavior, the complaints will be taken seriously.


Please remember that not all members use English as their main language; keep your language simple and clear for this sake.

Our discussion areas are not designated for the promotion of commercial activities. If you have an event you would like to promote, please contact the creator of the community. If you are a commercial organization interested in developing a partnership with us, please contact the community creator.

Repeated use of this community to make defamatory or commercial postings, offensive behavior towards other users, or any illegal activities) may result in a user being banned from future participation in the community.

In the unfortunate event of any member abusing the community in any of the ways above, we reserve the right to remove or edit postings. The author (of the article to which the comments are made) and commenter will be notified by a staff/representative of MobiTatva. If members continue to behave in an unsuitable manner, they are liable to being barred from the community for two weeks. When they come back after this barring, if they continue to behave in the reported manner, they will banned from the community.


If you use this application you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Definitions

    In these terms and conditions, "we" and "us" means MobiTatva whose registered office is "Alok", #52, 11th Main, 15th Cross, Malleswaram, Bangalore - 560055; together with the other contributing partners to a community project.

  2. Access to the community and content
    • The information provided by us in this community is not in any way an invitation or recommendation to buy any products or services featured.
    • We will endeavor to allow uninterrupted access to the community.
    • We reserve the right to change, or remove without notice any information in the community.
    • We assume no responsibility for the contents of any other media/websites to which the community has links.
  3. Intellectual Property
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    • You shall retain ownership of all copyright in data you submit to the community. You grant the community a world-wide, royalty-free, non-terminable license to use, copy, distribute, such data in any manner with the mention of the author.
  4. Exclusions of liability
    • We use reasonable endeavors to ensure that the data on the community is accurate and to correct any errors or omissions as soon as practicable after being notified of them. We do not monitor, verify or endorse information submitted by third parties for posting in the community and you should be aware that such information may be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date. To the extent permitted by applicable law, we disclaim all warranties and representations (whether express or implied) as to the accuracy of any information contained in the community. We do not guarantee that the community will be fault free and do not accept liability for any errors or omissions.
    • Due to the nature of electronic transmission of data, and the number of users by whom data is posted in the application, any liability we may have for any losses or claims arising from an inability to access the application, or from any use of the application or reliance on the data transmitted using the application, is excluded to the fullest extent permissible by law. In no event shall we be liable for any loss of profit,revenues, goodwill, opportunity, business, anticipated savings or other indirect or consequential loss of any kind in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise arising out of use of the application, save where such liability cannot be excluded by law.
    • We do not give any warranty that the application is free from viruses or anything else which may have a harmful effect on any technology.
  5. User name and password
    • On registering with us, you are issued with a user name and password which must be used in order to access certain restricted parts of the application. The user name and password are personal to you and are not transferable.
    • Your name and password are the methods used by us to identify you and so are very important. You are responsible for all information posted in the application by anyone using your user name and password. Any breach of security of a user name and password should be notified to us immediately.
    • You may not adapt or circumvent the systems in place in connection with the application nor access the Website other than through normal operations.
  6. Data submitted by users
    • We accept no liability for content/data supplied by any user for distribution/display in the application and the limitations in condition 4 above (Exclusions of liability) apply.
    • If you submit data for distribution/display in the application you are responsible for ensuring that the data is accurate, complete and up to date and for updating that content/data where necessary.
    • If you submit content/data for distribution/display in the application you are responsible for ensuring that no content/data is uploaded or submitted which is untrue, defamatory, obscene or abusive or otherwise objectionable or in breach of any applicable laws or rights of third parties.
    • You warrant that you have taken all reasonable precautions to ensure that any data you upload or otherwise submit to the application is free from viruses and anything else which may have a contaminating or destructive effect on any part of the application or any other technology.
    • We reserve the right (without limiting our rights to seek other remedies) to remove offending material placed in the application that we consider to constitute a misuse of the aplication or which is otherwise harmful to other users of the application.
    • You will indemnify us for any claim or loss (including without limitation, economic loss) suffered by us arising out of your failure to observe any of the terms of this condition 7.
  7. Data Protection
    • We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will collect and use information supplied by you and other users of the application to improve the application and personalize your experience when you use the application. We may also use it to tell you about changes in our services or about features we think you'll find interesting. However, you can tell us not to deal with your personal information in these ways in the future by simply sending an e-mail message to
    • You may edit your personal information at any time, subject to the provisions of condition 2.2.
  8. Termination
    • We may terminate your access to the application and the services within it on not less than three days' notice to you if you have provided your email address in your user profile, if not termination is immediate.
    • All disclaimers, indemnities and exclusions in this agreement shall survive termination of this Agreement for any reason.
  9. General
    • If any provision of these terms and conditions is held to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, that provision shall be deemed severed and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall not be affected.
    • We may modify these terms and conditions at any time by publishing the modified terms and conditions on the Website.
  10. Governing law
    • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed under the Indian laws without reference to its conflicts of law principles. In the event of any conflicts between foreign law, rules, and regulations, and Indian law, rules, and regulations, Indian law, rules, and regulations shall prevail and govern.