CramBuddy is :

  • Flash Card based Learning
  • Revision Facilitator
  • Designed around academic syllabus (ICSE & CBSE)
  • Based on 'Active Recall Learning'
  • 'Anywhere, Anytime' access
  • Quiz and Challenge with friends or groups



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Get to know what your buddies are upto.


Know everything what is happening around you.


Brush up your academic points with help of Flash Cards.


Redefine QUIZZING!
Game on with the quiz packs based on your academic syllabus.


Know how much you are prepared.

Buddies & Gangs!!

Do group studies with your buddies, challenge them.


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CramBuddy Walk-through

View the video to have a general idea about the working and features of CramBuddy.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I login to CB I get a message, "Offline". What does this mean?

This means you are currently not connected to Internet. But this does not mean you cannot use CB. You can still access all your downloaded packs. Once you are re-connected to the internet, CB will again get back to online mode.

I need help to use CB. Whom do I contact?

For any queries or assistance, shoot an email to '' or simply send a shout to your buddies 'Cramanoid' or 'Octo' with your question.

Is it necessary to complete my profile in the ME section?

A complete profile will make it easy for your friends to search for you on CramBuddy. Also it will be easy for us to communicate with you in case you win a reward.

Do I always have to be connected to the internet to use CramBuddy?

No. You will need internet connection only to complete your profile, download packs and send/receive shouts. Once you have downloaded any pack you can continue to use it offline.

I want to make a pack and add it in CB for all my buddies to use. Can I do that?

Of course you can! Send us your Quiz/Cram pack on the topic of your choice to '' and we will have it up on CramBuddy in the 'Contribu-Zone' for the whole world to use.

What is the difference between Score and Rewards?

Scores will be added for packs irrespective of the number of attempts. But it is the reward points which will fetch you the goodies! Staggered reward points will be awarded for all completed quiz packs for 3 attempts only.

I attempt – 10 reward points per correct answer
II attempt – 5 reward points per correct answer
III attempt – 2 reward points per correct answer

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Why we developed CramBuddy?

MobiTatva was formed with an idea to help high school students to spend more time on areas of application of their learning rather spending long hours on reading and re-reading highlighted texts from their class notes and text books.

A high school student has on an average 6 subjects, 20 units/chapters in each subject and over 50 points (Dates, Events, Formulae, Law, Theorem, Values, Names, Diagrams etc.). This brings it to around 6 x 20 x 50 = 6000 pieces of data to be learnt and comprehended in around 200 working school days. Around 30 key points on an average to be remembered each day!!! They are expected to give weekly tests, unit test, a number of assessments and examinations.

Our goal is to work on an intuitive and engaging ecosystem that would reduce the burden of Cramming, Mugging, Rote Learning or whatever else this boring activity is known as by bringing in elements of Intuitiveness, Engagement, Fun, Gamification.
In short, introduce them to a cool tool called CramBuddy.

Chirag M Patel

Founder & CEO

Our 'Buddies' Speak...

@CramBuddy Awesome...A must app for every student. #Mobile

Gaurav Bhatia DAV institution, Ajmer

Cool It's very useful for student... fun based and game based learning... coolest app ever for students..

Smit Patel Bangalore

Extremely knowledgeable app Very useful for studies!!!!! Hats off to the creators!!!!

Nikhil Pai Bangalore

Best way of learning Its the best way to learn . I wish there will be no school in future and evrybody will lean through CRAM BUDDY!

Shreyash Chatterjee DPS, Bangalore

A formidable one! A must app for every student! Use CB daily and you can be sure of scoring 95%<.

Shrivathsan V KNMS, Trichy

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